Australian Sangha Association (ASA)

The peak national representative body for monastics of all Buddhist traditions.

The ASA was founded in 2005 as a representative body for monks and nuns of all Buddhist traditions, with the intention of maintaining good communication, connection, harmony, and understanding within the Buddhist Sangha nationwide. This spirit is reflected in the way the committee is elected each year, with all three traditions, as well as males and females, being represented. The ASA Constitution not only requires that each of the three major branches are represented; it also stipulates the requirement for gender representation when it comes to the election of the committee members, so that both nuns and monks have a voice on the committee.

Ultimately faith is personal, individual and precious. For persons of faith, it goes to
the core of their identity. But it is also fragile and because it is held so dearly it can be the source of conflict and misunderstanding.

Any legislation which seeks to enshrine rights for persons of faith needs to tread cautiously lest, through error or omission, it accidentally increases the possibility of religious fault lines within society.

The informal freedoms of many years have served us well: we should not
rush with haste to overturn them in any dramatic fashion.

Venerable Bom Hyon Sunim

ASA Chairperson

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