Everyone deserves to live, study, and work with dignity, no matter what they believe, who they are, or whom they love.

Everyone should be afforded an equal opportunity to access the services and support they need, such as education, housing and healthcare, to realise the best lives they can achieve for themselves and the people they love. 

Unfortunately, One Nation NSW’s Religion Bill fails to protect all of us, equally.

The Bill allows religion to be used as an excuse to hurt, exclude and demean others, including other people of faith.

The Bill makes it harder for employers, educators, and professional and licencing bodies to foster inclusive cultures and protect their employees, customers and clients from harmful conduct motivated by one person’s beliefs.

Conduct that is unlawful or even criminal today, could also be protected in the name of the religion.

The Bill also privileges institutions over people, by setting standards for others to meet which those institutions are not willing nor required to meet themselves.

The One Nation NSW Religion Bill seeks to divide our communities; it creates double standards in our laws.  For this reason, we oppose the Bill and call for fair and equal discrimination laws which protect all of us, including people of faith and those who are not religious, equally alongside other groups.

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View our explainer page to better understand how the One Nation NSW Religion bill affects you and those your care about. 

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