Southern Youth and Family Services (SYFS)

Southern Youth and Family Services (SYFS), is an independent, local community-based benevolent (charity) organisation in the Southern part of NSW. SYFS provides support and assistance to vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless young people and those at risk of disadvantage and homelessness. This support extends to the children and families of these young people.

SYFS works with the broad community in a collective effort to reduce homelessness, prevent hardship and disadvantage and to enhance the quality of life for all Australians. SYFS assists individual young people and their families to improve their living situation, to reunite them to their families, to maintain their tenancies, to learn living and social skills, to link them to education and training, to support them to reduce the barriers to employment and to enhance their health and overall wellbeing. Relationships between young people, their families and the Staff are important as a key to engagement and the delivery of services.

SYFS operates a number of services including crisis youth refuges, medium-term accommodation, transitional accommodation and supported housing, youth health, family and youth counselling and relationship support, Juvenile Justice support, education, training and pre and employment support, out of home care and some social enterprises.

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